IT Service Continuity for Disaster Relief

My logo design process.

IT SERVICE CONTINUITY within Lowe's wanted my help to design a fresh new logo for their team. Being a team within Lowe's this logo had to reflect the company but also be different enough to stand out and to make them feel like their own entity at the same time.

The only requirement was that I had to incorporate an infinity loop

I started with the infinity loop, used Lowe's colors and continued from there. Next, I wanted to incorporate the Lowe's logo so I started sketching ideas for the base and came up with a shield shape. 

This logo was mainly going to be used as an email signature so I designed the shield and also a longer version that could fit nicely in an email template. In most iterations I included an infinity loop but I also gave them more options in case something sparked their interest. 

There were a lot of different iterations before we settled on the final design. Ultimately, they chose a great design. 

This project was both enjoyable and challenging. Designing logos can be a challenge because you are designing something very specific to represent a group, product, or company. Not only do logos have to be recognizable, they have to be simple, clean, and most of all loved by the client. 


  • The simpler the better
  • Logo design is fun
  • The customer's opinion matters the most

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