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A case study.

EVERY FALL Lowe's designers work in anticipation of Black Friday – our biggest holiday. Black Friday is one of the biggest revenue producing days of the year for the company and 2019 was no exception. Every year Lowe's design team within Online Merchandising have to come up with bigger and better ideas to capture our audience's attention and to want to buy our products. This goes way beyond good design as you can imagine with a big team ranging from copywriters to vendors to pricing, however it's the design of the page that not only brings people in but that intrigues them enough to want more.

How are we going to make our website bigger and better to accommodate this massive holiday to not only please our customers but our company as well?

My role was that of visual designer, I was tasked with designing the home page for the whole Black Friday holiday. This consisted of eight days therefore eight home page designs. 

THE CHALLENGE was not to reinvent our home page design, it was to design components that showcased our deals of the days. This section changed daily throughout the holiday and we needed to create something was the aesthetically pleasing, drew in the customer, and neatly organized the necessary copy. 

After many iterations we came to the design above. It's simple, clean, and most importantly showcases the Deal of the Day.

THIS DESIGN worked! Each day we got to see the effects of our design had on Lowe's growth throughout Black Friday. We also saw that our customers enjoyed our design based on engagement and sales. Our customers were able to clearly see new products that were introduced to Lowe's that season, and find the deals that they were looking for in a fast and efficient way. 


  • How to work in a fast-paced ever-changing environment while maintaining consistent and clean design
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify!
  • How good design really matters for both consumer and business

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